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Board Policies

Board Policy

State law provides the local school board with the authority to "oversee the management of the district" and to ensure that the superintendent implements and monitors plans, procedures, and systems to achieve the board's desired results in the major areas of district operations. Policy is the primary means through which these fundamental legal responsibilities are accomplished. 
Policy defines the board's vision for the district, the structure for accomplishing the vision, and the system of accountability for all involved in realizing the vision. Board policy directs the actions of students, parents, and staff. It also directs those of the board itself:
  • In responding to emerging issues, conflict, and controversy;
  • In clarifying its own roles and responsibilities and those of the superintendent and staff;
  • In defining the decision-making process; and
  • In ensuring timely evaluation of programs, personnel, and activities.
The Comal ISD Board Policy Manual is available online here. Check online for a Board Policy Update by clicking here. For recent changes and revisions to Board policy, or call the Director of Legal Services at (830) 221-2086 to receive immediate verification for any online Board policy.

The online policies include search capability. By entering key word(s), you can search the entire policy manual at one time and the system pulls up every policy that contains the key word(s)

Comal ISD subscribes to the Texas Association of School Board (TASB) Policy Service - Policy Online. There will always be a delay of up to 30 days from the time a policy is approved by the Board until it appears online, but the approved policy can be obtained immediately, if needed, by looking for a Board Policy Update online here or by calling the Director for Legal Services at (830) 221-2086.

Legal Policies

Legal policies track the language of the U.S. and Texas constitutions, federal and state statues, including the Texas Education Code, Texas Attorney General Opinions, State Board of Education rules, Texas Administrative Code and other regulations, as well as other sources of legal authority defining local school district governance.

Local Policies

Local policies are generated by our District to support legal requirements and to define the Board's vision for the District, the structure for accomplishing the vision, and the system of accountabilities for all who are involved in realizing the vision. Local policies are adopted by the Board of Trustees and until rescinding by Board action, have the force of law. If regulations are present with (LOCAL) policies, they are the action steps that complement the local policy. Exhibits consist of suggested form letters, notices, and reports.