After School Music Enrichment Programs

 Elementary Strings

The purpose of the Comal Independent School District Violin Program is to provide high quality orchestral, ensemble, and solo training for young musicians. The Comal ISD violin program offers professional musical guidance and a variety of performance and social experiences. Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in musical education and performance, the CISD strings program provides the opportunity for fifth grade students to discover within themselves a source of enrichment, beauty, and means aesthetic expression, which will last a lifetime.


Elementary Classical Guitar


This course is designed to refine the fundamental principles of musicianship presented at the elementary level. Through the course students will develop a better understanding of musical terminology, musical literature, playing technique, performance dynamics and concert etiquette. We hope that throughout this year students will be challenged to examine carefully their own musical ability and strive to improve upon the skills they have gained thus far. The ultimate goal of this course is to provide students with the skills needed to successfully participate in music throughout middle school and beyond.

Students in the classical guitar program will develop the following skills and concepts:

1. Self-discipline, self-confidence, responsibility and dependable behavior

2. Respect for others, loyalty to the ensemble and pride in the organization

3. Respect for and proper use of the instrument

4. The ability to work cooperatively with others toward the performance of music in ensembles

5. Music reading encompassing rhythms, tempo, right and left hand technique

6. An ability to listen and adjust