Information for Applicants

The District intends to conduct a confidential Superintendent search process within typical parameters for such a search. The District will not disclose the names of candidates unless required by law. The District will not contact references until (1) a small interview pool of specific candidates are notified of their selection for the pool and (2) such candidates are first permitted to continue or withdraw from the search process before references are contacted.
Candidates interested in being considered for the Superintendent position must complete the attached application. Submission materials should also include:
  • A detailed letter indicating qualifications and reasons for interest in the position.
  • Statement of education administration philosophy.
  • Current resume or curriculum vitae.
  • Copy of Superintendent certificate.
In addition, but not in lieu of the application materials, you may submit supplemental information you deem appropriate to assist the Board of Trustees in its review of your application.  
Once you complete your application materials, please scan your response to: [email protected]
In the meantime, and until the Superintendent search process is concluded, please do not contact the Board or any individual Trustee during the search process. If you have any questions, please direct them to Bobbi Supak at the email address above.
Once the Board completes its review of your application, you will be notified of the status of your application or whether the Board requires additional information.