Secondary Summer Learning Opportunities

Have A Summer Schedule!
Even though school is not in session, we encourage families to maintain a summer schedule that encourages academic enrichment, reading for pleasure, and physical activities. 
Keep Reading!
A summer reading routine is highly recommended. Reading helps students grow mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. Every book gives you an opportunity to learn new things and explore new ideas. Additionally, reading critically helps to keep student's brain sharp and better prepare them for reading complex texts next school year. 
Keep Using Your Math Brain!
The most important part of learning math, any math, is developing problem solving skills and number sense. These skills will serve students in all math classes and beyond.The summer months are a great time for students to use their "math brain" to enjoy learning, maintain school year momentum, and work with math in a low stress environment.‚Äč Positive interactions with math helps students develop a growth mindset which will serve them well in future math classes.
Practice for the PSAT/SAT! 
Spending time each week during the summer practicing for the PSAT or SAT will help prepare you for success and may increase your chances for earning scholarships in the future!
Enrich Your Brain With More Summer Learning Opportunities! 
Click on your student's incoming grade level for academic enrichment opportunities at home in the different content areas. The following links will redirect you to Google Docs where you will have access to additional standards-based resources.