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Pass/Grade Review System

Kid Graphic Since our closure, we have been working on how to approach the grading issue for the purposes of graduating our seniors, promoting students, and awarding credit. Our focus has been on developing a system that is fair and does not penalize students and families, as we know that many are facing difficult circumstances trying to balance work, family, and home learning during this unprecedented time.

Under normal circumstances, we typically average the grades from both the fall and spring semester to determine a yearly average for the purposes of promotion, course credit, and class rank. Our problem is that students have only completed half of the second semester, leaving us with the issue of how to account for the missing 4th nine weeks.

Fortunately, the Texas Education Agency has given school districts a wide degree of options regarding, promotion, grading, and credits. As such, we are temporarily transitioning to what we are calling a Pass/Grade Review system that will provide students two pathways to advance to the next grade level or earn credits for graduation purposes. A key element of this system will be the Student Self-Assessment Portfolio (SSAP).