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Superintendent's Message

Dear Kinder Parents,
Almost nothing can fully prepare you for your child’s first day of kindergarten. It can be a time filled anxiety, excitement, joy and sadness especially during these times of uncertainty. These feelings are real and I honor them. In fact, I know this because I’m right there with you.  As a father of three, one starting her freshman year of college, one beginning high school and another starting middle school, these milestones are not lost on me.
Please know that you are leaving your child and their education in the hands of very capable and loving teachers, administrators and staff members who will guide them throughout the year. Despite the challenges we face, we must remember what is most important - educating our children and fostering the whole child.  We will achieve this not only in our classroom settings, but also remotely around our kitchen tables. Through these learning opportunities we take ownership of the success of every child in the district to prepare them for life beyond graduation. 
Your son or daughter will make new friends and so will you along the way. I encourage you to get involved.  PTA is a great way you can connect through a parent network of volunteers and make a difference on your campus. Let your child’s teacher know that you want to partner with him or her and be an active participant in your child’s education. Please help me by getting involved.
We at Comal ISD pride ourselves on “Tradition. Performance. Opportunity.” We honor our traditions while establishing new ones; celebrate our performances and create opportunities for your child. We focus on our strategic priorities and continuous improvement for excellence. 
A welcome packet I like to call a “Kinder Survival Kit” has been exclusively created for you, a kinder parent. Please take some time to read over the important information included to ensure your family has a smooth transition into kindergarten. Discover resources available to your family and how you can be engaged in your child's education.  
Most importantly, remember that this moment will come once in your life. Embrace it; love it; and please allow me to thank you for being a part of Comal ISD.Superintendent
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim