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Health Insurance

Medical and Prescription Plans – Aetna

Comal ISD offers employees a choice of 5 plans with two network options through Aetna with the district currently contributing $390.00 per employee per month towards the premium. All employees are encouraged to create an Aetna Navigator account so that they may track claims, view benefit statements, and find tools and information to manage care and costs. When you receive your medical ID card, go to and register.

The Aetna network choices are the Elect Choice Open Access Network or the Whole Health Baptist ACO Network.
Aetna Whole Health is a partnership with the Baptist Health System and HealthTexas Medical Group that seeks to provide better health, better care and better cost. Better health comes by providing more engagement. Better care comes with earlier intervention and more coordination. Better health and better care lead to better cost – from 8-15% savings per year. For more information about Aetna Whole Health, click on the link.
For Comal ISD, a Near-Site Clinic system is available for all members of either network. A $5 PCP office visit co-pay is available at MedFirst clinics. If you are on the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) you receive a $25 reduction to the allowable charges.
To see a list of Aetna Whole Health providers, including Near Site HealthTexas and MedFirst clinics, primary care, OB/GYN’s, Pediatricians, Urgent Care, Hospitals and more, click on the link.
To search for providers in either network, go to the Aetna website: and choose your network option - either “Elect Choice EPO Open Access” or “(TX) Aetna Whole Health – Baptist Health System & HealthTexas Medical Group – Elect Choice”
*Employees with other medical insurance coverage may waive the medical coverage with Aetna and receive our Low Dental Plan/Single and a $25,000 Life Insurance Policy at no charge to the employee.
2020-21 Summary of Benefits and Coverage
2020 - 21 Plan Summaries

Medical Reimbursement

Flexible Spending Accounts allow pre-tax payroll deductions for qualifying medical expenses with a maximum annual election of $2750. Funds are available up front but must be used by July 31 each benefit year. FSA accounts also allow pre-tax payroll deductions for Dependent Care with a maximum annual election of $5000. 

Health Savings Accounts allow pre-tax payroll deductions for qualifying medical expenses but are only available with the High Deductible/Health Savings Account Medical plan (HD/HSA).  The full amount is not available up front but is deposited monthly. The maximum annual election is $3550 for single and $7100 for a family. The money rolls over from year to year and if you leave employment with Comal ISD you can keep the money in your account and continue to use. At age 65, money can be withdrawn for any reason.