Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, while a district is not required to offer all endorsements, a district must allow a student to choose, at any time, to earn an endorsement other than the endorsement the student previously indicated from among the available endorsements.
The state requires all students to enter high school on the Texas Foundation + Endorsement High School Program. An endorsement is simply a set of courses that allows students to dig into an area of interest to them. It’s like a college major, where a student can learn more about a particular subject area. When a student chooses an endorsement, they’re required to complete a certain number of courses to earn credit toward it. These courses often count as electives for the purpose of the student’s graduation requirements. For more information and tools to help you decide on an endorsement, visit Texas OnCourse here.
Comal ISD has an open enrollment policy for all of our advanced classes. We want our students to challenge themselves and post-secondary institutions do review courses completed by students. We invite our students to take advanced courses,  and we encourage our parents to review the advanced placement guidelines/agreement which can be found here on our website. Parents and students should also take into consideration extracurricular commitments and roles and responsibilities outside of the school day and strive to find a healthy balance.
Students attending our comprehensive high schools have an opportunity to earn up to 28 credits within the 4 years they attend high school. Students attending our schools of choice will have an opportunity to earn up to 32 credits within the 4 years they attend high school.
Unlike middle school, our comprehensive high schools have many sports and athletic teams. Students will register for a specific sport rather than a general athletic period. Some students may wish to take two sports. In this situation, students will start out with one sport during the designated season and then move to the second sport once the first season is complete.
Please refer to the high school website to find the head coach of that program and speak to them regarding tryouts and required paperwork in order to try out.
It is our expectation that all students be in both Concert band and Marching Band. 
All 9th graders should take Principles of Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources course.
No, you can take the Principles of Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources course without having to show an animal.
Comal ISD has specific windows of time when schedule changes can happen. Students can visit the high school counseling office to request a schedule change. We also have links to request a schedule change on all high school campus websites.
On the district website first select your campus.  Under the “Student/Families” tab select “Clubs and Organizations” to view the list of opportunities for your student.
Much like the differences between the transition to middle school from elementary, high school courses are more rigorous.  Students also have an opportunity to select classes that will allow them to truly explore their passion, diving deeper with each class in their program of study. 
There may be times when we are unable to make every selected course work in a student’s schedule.  We ask students to select alternates so we can place them in a class that they are equally interested in taking.