Destination Graduation

As an eighth grader, your son or daughter will make the big step to high school next year. Soon it will be time to register for classes. Now is the time you can help them to begin charting a course for their future, whether it’s the military, a career or college. What courses should they take in high school? What extracurricular activities support their interests? Our team is ready to help with these questions.

This year, to ensure the health and safety of students and parents during the pandemic, Destination Graduation will replace our annual parent night. This virtual event will help you and your child determine a path, or at least a starting point, for their high school curriculum and their future.

Select the high school your student will be attending next school year and explore!

Comprehensive High Schools

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High Schools of Choice

In a High School of Choice, students learn through project-based experiences that are focused on STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. This mode of learning allows students to grow and apply their content knowledge and 21st century skills, develop their socio-emotional abilities, and focus on college and career readiness. Our High Schools of Choice are: