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Dual Credit - Adjunct Procedures

Procedures are in place for the adjunct faculty approval process for individuals who desire to teach dual credit in Comal ISD.  Any teacher interested in teaching dual credit should contact Becky Walker.
Instructors must meet SACS guidelines regarding credentials that meet eligibility. The selection and employment process must be consistent for each applicant and provide the opportunity for the applicants to define why they are the best applicant for the teaching position. We want to ensure a quality process for the hiring of well-qualified faculty who are committed to our students.
The SACS requirements for faculty credentials are excerpted below from the publication SACS Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
“The institution employs competent faculty members qualified to accomplish the mission and goals of the institution. When determining acceptable qualifications of its faculty, an institution gives primary consideration to the highest earned degree in the discipline in accord with the guidelines listed below. The institution also considers competence, effectiveness, and capacity, including, as appropriate, undergraduate and graduate degrees, related work experiences in the field, professional licensure and certification, honors and awards, continuous documented excellence in teaching, or other demonstrated competencies and achievements that contribute to effective teaching and student learning outcomes. For all cases, the institution is responsible for justifying and documenting the qualifications of its entire faculty.”
  • Faculty teaching general education courses at the undergraduate level: a doctoral or a master’s degree in the teaching discipline or a master’s degree with a concentration in the teaching discipline (a minimum of 18 graduate hours in the teaching discipline).
  • Faculty teaching Associate degree courses designed for transfer to a Baccalaureate degree: a doctoral or master’s degree in the teaching discipline or a master’s degree with a concentration in the teaching discipline (a minimum of 18 graduate hours in the teaching discipline).
  • Adjunct hiring checklist in compliance with the St. Philip’s College practices:
  • Contact Becky Walker and provide an unofficial transcript to be reviewed by SPC department chair, please send it via email. Indicate in your email the subject area you are seeking approval. Please be sure you have communicated your intent to teach a dual credit course at your campus.  
  • Once reviewed for eligibility, contact the department chair via email and follow up with a phone call to the appropriate department, the contact information will be provided to you by Becky once the transcripts have been reviewed by the SPC department chair. Complete an employment application using peoplelink (this is where you will need the requisition number provided) an email will be sent to you to illustrate the process.
Teachers that are current employees of Comal ISD:
  1. Apply for adjunct faculty approval here.
  2. Provide an official transcript to the department chair, an official transcript from each institution must be hand carried and delivered (sealed) transcripts to the department chair at SPC. Becky Walker will provide the department chair name, subject area, e-mail and phone numbers to you upon completion of the online application.
  3. Notify the department chair via email that the application is complete, that you have official transcripts in hand, and that you would like a meeting date to discuss the curriculum requirements, books, resources and information pertaining to the course.
  4.  SPC Human Resources (HR) will contact you to submit an I-9, background check, drug test, and to schedule an appointment to fill out paperwork.
  5. Once processed SPC will notify you of your status.
  6. Report the status to the College and Career Readiness coordinator on your campus, campus principal and Becky Walker via email.
  7. Dual credit books are funded out of High School Allotment at Support Services; contact Becky Walker with the textbook requirements, a copy of the current syllabus and course descriptions.