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Technology Checkout Program

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The district is offering appointments to families in need of laptops or other devices to participate in remote learning this year.
Due to a limited supply, the district won't be able to provide a device to every student. Priority will be given to those families who do not have a device in the home. One device will be offered per household.
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  1. Will the district implement the Technology Checkout Program (TCP) as it did this past spring to provide technology devices to Remote Learning Students? 
    Yes, the district will implement the TCP program call center on August 12 for those families who do not have any technology resources in the home. For more information please contact the TCP help desk at 830-2212694.
  2. Will the district provide every student who participates in remote learning with a technology device? 
    Due to a limited supply of technology, the district will not able to provide a technology device to every student who participates in Remote Learning. Priority will be given to those families who do not have any technology device in the home at a ratio of 1 device per household to start. If additional devices are available and the initial need is met, consideration of additional computers to households will be extended. 
  3. Who is eligible to receive a district computer through the TCP? 
    Families that do not have any technology devices in the home are eligible for the TCP currently. If additional technology resources become available, the program may be extended to additional families. 
  4. If I have multiple children enrolled in Remote Learning, how will all of them participate in synchronous learning if we only have one device in the home? 
    While we want to encourage students to participate in synchronous lessons to ensure teachers can work with students in real time, we understand there may be scheduling issues with multiple students in the home. In these situations, students will need to participate asynchronously. 
  5. What type of computer will my child receive as part of the TCP? 
    Students will be issued a laptop running the Chromebook operating system. Each laptop will come with a built-in microphone and camera for participation in synchronous learning. 
  6. Will the district be providing an internet connection for my child? 
    The district will be providing wi-fi internet access for students through cellular wireless access points. In addition, several local providers are providing internet access at a reduced cost. 
  7. What software will be loaded on the laptop? 
    The TCP Chromebook devices are cloud based machines which means only a Chrome browser will be installed.  Student applications can be accessed through iConnect and ClassLink. 
  8. What technical assistance will the district be providing should my child have problems connecting to the internet or any of the synchronous or asynchronous lessons? 
    Parents and students can contact the district’s Technology Help Desk at 830-221-2027 between the hours of 7:30 and 4:30 for technical assistance. 
  9. What do I need to do if my child switches to On-Campus Instruction at the end of the nine-week grading period?   
    The District will ask for any student switching from Remote to On-Campus Instruction return the device so it can be redistributed to other students in need of technology.