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Special Programs

Special Education Services - Program Overview

For parents who elect Remote Learning for a portion of 2020-2021 school year, an IEP Amendment will be completed to address a contingency plan for the time the student will be learning remotely. Identified sections of the IEP will be reviewed to address the impact of remote learning. Parents will have the option to request an ARD committee meeting instead of an IEP Amendment to address Remote Learning Plans.
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Yes. Details about how these services will be provided will be shared with parents prior to the start of school.
Families of students who are eligible for special education services and elect to receive Remote Learning will be requested to participate in and Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) meeting to review an instructional plan for their child's virtual IEP support and accommodations.
Students who qualify for homebound-instructional arrangement/setting are served at home or hospital bedside for a minimum of four consecutive weeks as documented by a licensed physician. A student's ARD or 504 committee determines the services provided to students in this instructional arrangement/setting.  
Career & Technical Education
While on campus, students and staff will participate in activities while observing safety protocols specific to their program, including social distancing when feasible and cleaning of shared items between individual use.  For classes that are taught remotely, students may be required to report to the campus to utilize specific equipment or demonstrate mastery of hands-on activities (For example: Welding).  
CTE certification testing will take place in person at a campus location.  Remote learning students will need to report to a testing site to complete the certification exam.  
Students participating in the Ready, Set, Teach program will follow all visitor protocols to enter their assigned elementary campus and classroom and will adhere to safety procedures expected of student teachers.  
Gifted & Talented
On campus students will be clustered in a classroom with other students receiving GT services. They will continue their weekly pullout class as well have asynchronous opportunities for extension available via SeeSaw. Remote learning students will have asynchronous opportunities for extension available via SeeSaw as well as the ability to connect with their GT Facilitator on a weekly basis through office hours.
We will continue to follow board approved procedures for testing and identification. Remote students must report to campus for scheduled testing sessions. 
GT Facilitators and Case Managers will collaborate to provide remote asynchronous/synchronous instruction.