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Remote Learning

CPC Home ButtonFor the 2020-21 school year, Comal ISD will be offering parents the option to have their children participate in Remote Learning if they are not comfortable with sending their child to school. Students who are in Remote Learning will receive instruction via a combination of two methods: asynchronous and live synchronous lessons.

Remote Learning: It's your choice

Student working on computerYou will soon be receiving a separate email (one for each student you have) linked to a one-question survey asking which IDO you are most likely to take this fall given what you know at this time about the current status of COVID-19 and your personal health concerns.
Sample Remote Learner Schedules


Elementary Remote Sample Schedule K-2
Elementary Remote Sample Schedule Grade 3-5
Remote Sample Schedule for Middle School
Remote Sample Schedule for High School

We know you have a lot of questions.

We know that there are many questions about how Remote Learning will work. Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that address many of the most common questions that we can answer at this point.

Remote Learning
The list of courses that require a student to come to campus to complete some portion of the coursework can be found here.  Students/parents should speak to the campus counselor or teacher to discuss options.
The Residence Learning Program (RLP) that students participated in last spring was part of an emergency plan. For the 2020-21 school year, students enrolled in Remote Learning will have the same coursework and expectations as the students choosing to attend on-campus instruction. Remote learning students will be accountable for daily attendance, assignments, coursework, grading, and testing just like their on-campus peers.
It is possible that a student could have a different teacher when changing from remote learning to on-campus learning and vice versa.
Students who may have to stay at home for exposure will be able to return to on-campus instruction at the end of the quarantine period. 
student who is required to quarantine will not be marked absent if they participate daily in remote learning coursework.  
No. A school supply list for Remote Learners will be provided by the campuses soon
We are currently gathering information from parents to determine how many students will be served in Remote Learning. This will help guide decision-making regarding separate remote teachers. 
Remote learners may receive paper assignments from teachers. 
  • PK-5: Seesaw 
  • Grades 6-12: Google Classroom or ECHO 
  • Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment: Canvas 
Teachers will communicate tutoring hours when they will be available to Remote Learners via Google Meet. 
Students who have a doctor's note for their illness will be marked with an excused absence and thus grading policies related to excused absences will be applied.  
Yes, students who participate in remote learning and meet eligibility requirements will be able to participate in extracurricular activities, such as athletics and band. Additional details will be coming as we get closer to the start of school.

Yes, students who are in Remote Learning can return to On-Campus Instruction at the beginning of each new nine-week grading period.
Students who start with On-Campus instruction can switch to Remote Learning at any time due to COVID-19 concerns but must then stay remote for the duration of the nine-week grading period.
Yes. Details about how these services will be provided will be shared with parents prior to the start of school.

Yes, breakfast and lunch meals will be available for parents to pick up at their child’s campus. Details about how meal distribution will come prior to the start of school.
Per the TEA guidelines, all core (foundation) courses will be offered in Remote Learning. Some elective courses may have on-campus requirements if some components of the course cannot be taught virtually (e.g., welding). 

AP, Dual Credit, and Dual Enrollment courses will be available for Remote Learning. Please note that some courses may require some on-campus lab or assessment requirements.

Live synchronous lessons for Remote Learning will be scheduled during school hours. Asynchronous assignments in Seesaw, Google Classroom, or Echo may be completed after hours.
Per the TEA guidelines, attendance for students participating in Remote Learning can be tracked daily in the following ways:
  • Daily progress in the Seesaw, Google Classroom, or ECHO
  • Daily progress via teacher-student interactions
  • Submission of assignments from student to teacher
Students who qualify for homebound-instructional arrangement/setting are served at home or hospital bedside for a minimum of four consecutive weeks as documented by a licensed physician. A student's ARD or 504 committee determines the services provided to students in this instructional arrangement/setting.  
Grading & Assessments
Course expectations will be the same for both on-campus and remote learning.
Students enrolled in remote instruction courses with movement based TEKS can demonstrate mastery of skills through a variety of assessment options. Students may be viewed through video submission, with signed permission. Students may submit a portfolio or student self-assessment with a written step-by-step description of physical movements. A written assessment, created by the teacher, may be used to assess mastery or a live conference could be created with the student to allow live performance and feedback. Some TEKS in dance and theatre require performance for an audience. This could be addressed with lab hours, where the student could have a set performance time assigned on campus.