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Winter and Spring Seasons
Games and Meets
The UIL is allowing spring sports. Both MS and HS teams will practice, train, and compete while following Covid-19 protocols. Game information for all upcoming Comal ISD MS and HS games, meets and competitions can be found on Comal ISD's Rank One Sport site.
The UIL is currently allowing limited tournaments for spring sports. Each sport has specific guidelines based on the type of activity. To find detailed information for your sport please visit the UIL website and click on the sport you are interested in.
UIL guidance released on July 21, 2020, allows student groups such as cheerleaders approved by the school district may attend and perform at games or contests in which they are not competing. Schools should consider limiting the number of participants to those essential to the performance.
  • These student groups should remain separate from the game or contest participants at all times. These student groups should avoid mixing with fans or non-group members throughout the game or contest.
  • Student groups are required to wear face coverings.
  • Schools should consider limiting the number of students and staff given access to the playing areas and ensure protocols for entering and exiting the playing areas are in place.
  • These students should maintain appropriate distancing from game or contest participants at all times, including when on the sideline.
FAQ Athletics

Yes. Remote learners are required to attend these classes in person on a daily basis. *The only exception to this is the general athletics/PE class which is offered asynchronously for remote learners. 

Yes. Remote learners are required to attend these classes in person on a daily basis to prepare for their upcoming seasons. 

Yes. Remote learners who cannot participate daily will need to request a schedule change to a course offered remotely. 

No. Transportation to and from practices and athletic periods is the responsibility of the student-athlete, parent or guardian. 

Yes. Coaches build in travel time to allow students to attend their remote classes. 

Remote learners have limited access to locker rooms and need to come to practice/athletic period dressed to participate. Remote learners should shower at home. 

Fine Arts


Dance teams should look very similar to every other season. Dance teams may organize dance camps at the campus, during the summer, and will be able to prepare performances as they usually do. Face coverings will be part of the protocol.


Choirs will still be singing as ensembles. They will wear face coverings and social distance. Body placement and spacing protocols are in place and rehearsal lengths have been shortened.


Orchestra will be very close to their normal rehearsal and performance protocols, with face coverings and slight changes to the spacing formation of musicians.


Theater will prepare plays with students wearing face coverings in rehearsal. Play performances will be similar to performances in previous years. Musicals may look different from performances in prior years as safe singing and distance requirements may alter the look of the production.

Audiences will be allowed with 6 feet of social distancing between family groups who traveled together to the performance.  Additional shows may be added to accommodate patrons if needed.
Visual Art students are provided with simple lists to purchase their own supplies for personal use that will not be shared. Classroom supplies that must be shared are sanitized between uses.
FAQ Band
The following questions include sub-groups within a band program including marching, concert, color/winter guard, jazz, percussion ensembles, etc.

All bands are asked to wait to start the visual/marching elements of their marching show on September 7, 2020. Summer band can continue with the dates scheduled. Summer band will look a little different but be very advantageous for our students to get a start on music and marching basics. Normally, region contest starts in October and will be delayed until December. All of the marching competitions will take place in December. 

Band classes will use increased safety measures according to current TEA, UIL and district guidelines. Generally, the same teaching will occur with extra time for cleaning and allowance for spacing of students. The configuration of the space may look different. It is possible that some groups will work in larger spaces, even outside or in separate rooms when possible to add safety and space. 

Yes, band lockers will be used by students.  A safety plan with staggered access to the lockers will be put in place on the campus to ensure safe flow in and out of instrument storage areas and distancing.  Lockers will be disinfected on a regular basis and personal items will need to be kept to a minimum. 

Yes. Students will still be expected to rehearse at home so this will be a normal process already in place that does not need to be changed. 

Because it is a personal instrument, it needs to be cleaned only as often as one would normally clean that particular instrument. No mouth-pieces for instruments should be shared. 

Private lesson opportunities will still be available to students.  For campuses that cannot space 10 feet between student and private lesson instructor, virtual/remote private lessons are recommended after the school day.  Any instructor that does come on campus will be required to follow all standard protocol and new Covid protocol to include the health screener. 

Yes. The TMEA All-Region Band selection will be a recorded process this year.  We are excited this opportunity will be available for all students, remote or live. 

Fine Arts Safety Protocol for All: 

  • All programs must communicate a plan for all safety protocol to all students and parents on the first day or prior for any activity 
  • Access to showers and locker rooms will be limited to students enrolled in the activity/sport 
  • Social distancing standards must be maintained in locker rooms. Avoid sharing lockers. 
  • Social distance protocols must be followed at all times.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be readily available and their use encouraged frequently 
  • Any equipment must be disinfected between uses  
  • Each director and student must complete the health screener each day if they have not already completed it for other school purposes 
  • If possible, enter in one door, exit from another and minimize door handle contact. 
  • Consider using outdoor space when feasible and appropriate. 
  • Avoid shared objects between participants. 
  • Staff is encouraged to be located at side or back instead of in front of students when actively practicing, exercising or rehearsing. 
  • Schools may provide food, water or other drinks. If they provide these items, schools should do so in a manner that ensures students are not sharing these items. 

Band Protocol 

Considerations for Space: 

  • Spacing of students as much as possible, not having students face each other; keep straight line formations 


Safety and Rehearsal Protocol: 

  • Instrument PPE such as clarinet bags, bell covers and special face coverings are encouraged. 
  • Percussionists must use personal or assigned mallets and sticks. No sharing. 
  • If percussionists must share larger equipment, they must be cleaned after each use, examples: Bass drum, gong, chime mallets, etc. 
  • When actively rehearsing, students, faculty, adult volunteers, and staff will maintain a distance of 10 ft. for indoor or outdoor practice 
  • Band programs will provide central “condensation” dumpsites. We will provide pads that can be easily disposed as necessary for brass players to deal with water disposal. 
  • Access to indoor drinking fountains will not be available. 
  • Adult volunteers/faculty can refill water containers. Adult volunteers must maintain 6 feet of distance between all students and faculty and must maintain 10 feet of distance from students actively playing instruments. 
  • Faculty will sanitize any shared equipment after each session of use (this includes tables, and lockers will be sanitized by the directors with a solution that contains 80% alcohol and water). 
  • At the conclusion of your rehearsal, the following steps will be taken:  
    • Director, student leaders or trained adult volunteers spray each chair and music stand with a sanitation cleaning solution (provided by district to school). This solution should not be on used instruments. 
    • If the equipment needs to be racked, the students, lining up and remaining 6 feet apart, will rack their chair and music stand on the storage rack. 

Yes, but they may look different than in years past.  Programs will be able to use flexible instrumentation and smaller ensemble/chamber music if needed for safety and distance.  Audiences at concerts will follow guidance for indoor gatherings to allow for 6 foot distance between groups. So, large bands may break up performances into multiple, shorter concerts with less participants than normal to allow seating for all interested, as well. Live streaming of the performances will be encouraged to allow those who would like that option, as well. 

With guidelines for distancing of wind instruments, we are working to create new exciting shows that will reflect more of a college or university style marching band show. We also will have a limited amount of space in the stands; therefore, we are working on how to allow all students the opportunity of time in the stands to be a part of that band experience, as well. We will work to be as equitable as possible for all students, giving them as much opportunity as possible in the stand and on the field. Options we are considering include, bands being split into two groups with half in stands and half marching, then alternating the groups the next week. Another option includes all the band marching, but only a portion in the stands (Pep Band), alternating each week. 

All National marching competitions such as BOA and US Bands are cancelled. All local marching band clinics have cancelled. UIL still is offering an opportunity for Region Marching in December. We do not feel this will be a beneficial assessment for our students and have planned a district exhibition for our Comal ISD bands to perform their shows for each other and for an audience to showcase their talents on November 17, 2020 at Canyon High School. 

The principals will be meeting soon to determine this at their DEC meeting. Currently, the capacity limit of 50% for all stadiums may necessitate that each school will have to utilize both sides of their stadium to accommodate their own bands, spirit groups and fans with current spacing and occupancy requirements. 

Per TEA guidance, the band can continue to use volunteers for essential operations. We will limit volunteer contact when possible for the safety of our students and staff. 

All out of state travel for 20-21 has been cancelled. There are currently no trips planned for the band, but we will be looking for virtual opportunities and other educational opportunities to bring in more clinicians and other quality experiences locally. 

FAQ Miscellaneous

Individuals with a lab-confirmed case or who are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 must stay home until:

  • Their fever has been gone for 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing medicine;
  • They have an improvement in symptoms (cough lessened, throat less sore, etc.); AND
  • 10 days have passed since any new symptoms appeared 

TEA has allowed an exception for individuals who are experiencing symptoms to return to school/work before the above criteria are met with a note from their doctor providing an alternative diagnosis or a negative test results from an approved COVID-19 testing location.

If an individual believes they have received a false positive test result, they may return before the criteria above are met by providing a note from their medical provider indicating they have an alternative diagnosis along with a date they are clear to return to campus OR by receiving TWO negative PCR test results. The PCR tests must be taken at least 24 hours apart. A rapid antigen test will not be accepted to return before the above criteria are met for a false positive test result.

Individuals who have had close contact with someone who has a lab-confirmed case may return to campus:

  • 10 days after their date of exposure, if no symptoms have developed
  • Seven (7) days after their date of exposure if they have received a negative test result taken after day five, and no symptoms have developed
  • If symptoms develop at any point during quarantine, individuals will need to remain off campus for 14 days after their date of exposure
Yes, the University Interscholastic League (UIL) now requires, in addition to the criteria and processes described above, a student who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 to receive clearance from a physician prior to returning to participation in athletics or marching band activities.
Please contact your physician for COVID-19 related medical questions. For all UIL activity related questions, contact your child’s coach/sponsor/director or high school athletic trainer for more information.