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This year, heading back to school is more than just shopping for school supplies. Today, students must know how to connect to their classes with technology, choose On Campus Instruction or Remote Learning, be prepared to follow new health and safety guidelines, and follow a daily schedule. On this page, watch videos that will help you learn more about with each of these tasks.

How to Get Connected

Check out a variety of videos that can take you step by step through the process for setting up ClassLink, an online learning platform for your student, and other digital resources.
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A Day in the Life

Watch individual videos that walk through the day of an elementary, secondary and remote learning student as they adapt to changes at school and home related to health and safety guidelines, schedules, and use of technology.

Remote Learner Schedules

Get tips for managing the daily schedule of a remote learner, whether they are in elementary, middle or high school.
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