Proposition E

Approximately $34.5 million of Bond 2021 will provide funding for teacher and student instructional technologycomputers. This includes both teacher and student laptops and computers. 
To ensure that the bonds used to pay for the computers do not outlast the useful life of the technology, the district will sell five-year bonds to match the lifecycle of the computer. The bonds will be paid off during the computer’s functional lifecycle. In addition, the district will use a purchase plan to spread out computer purchases over time to help create a future refresh schedule.
Prop E
See the ballot language for this item and other propositions.

Proposition E FAQs

The district sells bonds that mature at different times, so bond expenditures for items with a shorter lifespan, such as computers, are paid off before the purchase becomes obsolete.

Senate Bill 30, which was passed in the most recent legislative session, requires certain types of projects to be broken out into separate propositions. Because of this, the following purposes are required by law to be stated in separate propositions on the ballot:

  • 1) The construction, acquisition, or equipment of a stadium with seating capacity for more than 1,000 spectators;​
  • (2) The construction, acquisition, or equipment of a natatorium;​
  • (3) The construction, acquisition, or equipment of another recreational facility other than a gymnasium, playground, or play area; ​
  • (4) The construction, acquisition, or equipment of a performing arts facility;​
  • (5) The construction, acquisition, or equipment of housing for teachers; and​
  • (6) An acquisition or update of technology equipment, other than equipment used for school security purposes or technology infrastructure integral to the construction of a facility.