Growth & Investment - Proposition B

Prop BApproximately $411.3 million of Bond 2021 will fund items related to growth and investment in Comal ISD. These items include new schools, campus safety and security, land, buses, and campus infrastructure projects. 

The following items are part of Proposition B for Bond 2021:

See the ballot language for this item and other propositions.

Proposition B FAQs

Elementary #19 will provide relief for both Clear Spring and Freiheit Elementary. The district currently owns land south of IH-35 on Hwy. 46.
Elementary #20 will provide relief for both Morningside and Garden Ridge Elementary. The district currently owns land across from Danville Middle School on Hubertus Road.
The student capacity of each, Elementary #19 and #20, will be 850 students.
Both Elementary #19 and #20 will open with kindergarten through 5th grade.
Both elementary schools #19 and #20 will open Aug. 2023.
Middle School #8 will provide relief for Pieper Ranch Middle School.
Middle School #8 will be designed for 1,150 students.
Yes, Middle School #8 will open will grades 6th, 7th and 8th.
The district currently owns land for this location near 281 and FM 1863.
This bond will fund several projects at existing facilities in the areas of campus safety, campus reinvestment and campus infrastructure. For a complete list of existing facilities' projects listed in Bond 2021 see the drop-downs listed above.

While some routine maintenance is funded by the operations budget, there are not enough funds available to take care of all of the facility projects without diverting funds from other areas such as compensation, programs, or increasing class sizes. Therefore, bond funds are directed to facility projects such as new schools and major campus improvement projects.

Capital expenditures are the cost of purchasing and/or constructing assets that have a useful life that extends over multiple years. Bond proceeds are used to fund capital expenditures such as construction, acquisition and equipping of facilities. Operational expenditures are daily operating costs such as payroll, services and supplies to operate the district.
Senate Bill 30, which was passed in the most recent legislative session, requires certain types of projects to be broken out into separate propositions. Because of this, the following purposes are required by law to be stated in separate propositions on the ballot:
  • (1) The construction, acquisition, or equipment of a stadium with seating capacity for more than 1,000 spectators;​
  • (2) The construction, acquisition, or equipment of a natatorium;​
  • (3) The construction, acquisition, or equipment of another recreational facility other than a gymnasium, playground, or play area; ​
  • (4) The construction, acquisition, or equipment of a performing arts facility;​
  • (5) The construction, acquisition, or equipment of housing for teachers; and​
  • (6) An acquisition or update of technology equipment, other than equipment used for school security purposes or technology infrastructure integral to the construction of a facility.