SVHS Athletics

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Last Name
First Name
Adkins Jason
(830) 885-1037
VM: (830) 885-1000x4001

Blair Jordan
(830) 885-1036
VM:(830) 885-1000x4053
Algebra I, Volleyball and Girls Basketball

Bowman Lane
(830) 885-4057
Content Mastery, Football and Baseball

Broussard Kelly
VM:(830) 885-1000x4062
World Geography and Golf

Brown Keith
(830) 885-1029
VM:(830) 885-1000x4017
Business Support Systems,
Telecommunications & Record Keeping

Daigle Lisa
Teen Leadership & US History
Girls Softball and Volleyball

Daigle Wayne
VM:(830) 885-1000x4025
US History and Girls Softball

Derrich Paul
(830) 885-1077
VM:(830) 885-1000x4029
Football and Track

Gombert Liana
(830) 885-1102
Girls Athletic Director and Volleyball

Hill Larry
(830) 885-1005
Athletic Director and Football

Jarrett Jonathan
Boy's Soccer and Social Studies

Koehl Chad
(830) 885-1077
VM:(830) 885-1000x4064
Baseball and Football

Kohutek Jason
(830) 885-1042
VM:(830) 885-1000x4065
Math Inclusion, Football and Track

Lind Brad
(830) 885-1076
VM: (830) 885-1000x4070
IPC, Football and Boys Soccer

Maurer Corby
VM:(830) 885-1000x4163
Algebra I & Math Models, Football and Boys Basketball

Moczygemba Joe
(830) 885-1078
VM:(830) 885-1000x4088

Murray Rodney
(830) 885-1041
Athletic Trainer

Osborne Kari
Swim Coach and Science

Petmecky Thomas
(830) 885-1025
Athletic Trainer

Redclift Lois
Athletic Secretary

Shelton Jeff
(830) 885-1077
VM:(830) 885-1000x4108
Social Studies, Football and Boys Soccer

Strauch R.J.
Biology and Boys Basketball

Teuton Robert
(830) 885-1076
VM:(830) 885-1000x4115
Football and Track

Ulbricht Doug
(830) 885-1042
VM:(830) 885-1000x4119
Pre AP Geometry & Geometry, Fooball and Track

Villarreal Nicole
Girl's Basketball and English

Wersterfer Craig
(830) 885-1078
VM:(830) 885-1000x4125
Economics, Football and Track