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Comal ISD is leading the way in using mobile devices as learning tools not only in the classroom but as a resource for students to use at home. The beauty of using mobile devices in education is that it allows kids the freedom to learn anywhere at anytime. CISD believes that these devices are a great tool to help support learning both at home and at school.

Current Mobile Learning Initiatives

  • Middle School ELL Students-All middle school ELL students are assigned an iPod touch to use both at home and at school.
  • Middle School Science-All middle schools have at least 60 iPod Nanos to use for science instruction in the classroom. Teachers can also check them out to students as needed or use them for small group or whole class instruction.
  • Special Programs
  • Elementary-Several elementary campuses are using the iPod touch to complement instruction in the classroom.

What learning resources are available on the iPod touch?

  • Textbooks in audio version
  • Podcasts
  • Literature in audiobook format
  • Using music as a learning strategy
  • Voice Recordings
  • Educational Apps (iPod touch Only)
  • Internet Resources (iPod touch Only)

Why use mobile devices in the classroom?

Some advantages a mobile device has over a traditional laptop are that they are inexpensive, easy to use and it is easy for a student to transport them from home to school. Also, they can be used anywhere at anytime.

How do I get started using an iPod in the classroom?

Begin by determining what your goal is for the project. Many people start from "We want iPods!".   I usually follow up with "to do what?"  There are lots of applications, but the most successful projects are those that have organized activities around something specific like:

  • building reading fluency with guided reading and recording audio
  • differentiating instruction and leveraging instructional media (audio, movies, podcasts)
  • to develop deeper understanding of science, or social studies, or ELA concepts