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mPower Initiative

The mPower initiative provides all teachers at Comal ISD with an iPad mobile device. The iPad is another tool in the classroom that both the teacher and students can use to support and enhance the curriculum. During the first year of implementation, teachers will be expected to learn basic skills on how to use the iPad as well as explore how they can be used instructionally.


During the 2012-2013 school year, all teachers will have the opportunity to explore how a mobile device can be used in the classroom. To facilitate this exploration, each teacher will have a technology checklist that will guide them in their learning. These checklists will be due in May and the data will help guide principals and technology staff in determining what mobile learning strategies are effective when using iPads in the classroom.

If you would like additional help and support on how to use your iPad, please contact the Help Desk. The instructional technology faciliatators would love to work with you at your campus. There are also many professional development sessions scheduled throughout the school year that you can attend.

Basic Skills Checklist (Click on a skill to learn more.)





3/26-Using the iPad in the "Power Zone"

3/27-Scrapbooking on the iPad

4/9-Learn an App: iMovie

4/10-I Have an iPad, Now What Do I Do With It?

4/16-Curl Up With a Good eBook

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